To make a relationship last longer, you need to ensure that it is a healthy one. 

You have nothing to worry about if you and your partner love being with each other and are comfortable in the relationship.

But if you are in a relationship that is falling apart, quickly reach out to a marriage counsellor and get their help to mend it. 

Marriage counselling online is the most effective solution to make your relationship last long and  cherish it for a lifetime.

Tips To Make Your Relationship Last Long 

1. Forgive and forget

Relationships can turn sorrowful and bitter if it is full of blame and resentment. You will be constantly fighting with your partner if you do not forgive them for their mistakes.

It is also important for you to accept if you do something wrong and apologise. 

Make sure to try to not repeat the same mistakes to keep your relationship last longer.

Look for marriage counselling online to get help from a marriage counsellor if your relationship is brimming with such situations.

2. Help each other grow

A relationship that doesn’t let you grow into a better person needs to be reanalysed. 

You need to spend time talking to  and understanding your partner and learn things from them to become a better person. 

You should also make it a point to allow your partner to learn from you to help them grow. Both of you should talk about areas that need to be fixed and how it can be done.

3. Do things Together

Relationship is a team work. You both need to put efforts as a team to make your relationship work. 

Therefore, it is necessary to understand each others likes and dislikes and moods to keep the relationship afloat. 

Take turns setting up dates for each other and take time off your busy lives to do things together. Seek marriage counselling online if your partner is uninterested in doing things together.

4. Have some me time

It is important to take care of yourself while being in a relationship. It isn’t always necessary to have common interests and likes and spend all your time together. 

If you are into gaming and your partner loves cooking, allow yourself to engage in these activities alone for some time. 

You can always learn cooking from your partner or introduce them to your favourite game whenever you like.

5. Do not compare

Comparison can kill all the fun in your relationship. You both should inspire each other to get better at something. 

For example, if your partner is a better artist, you should try to learn from them instead of trying to compete with them. 

As mentioned, a relationship is a team work in which you do things together, thereby helping it flourish.

6. Do not hold grudges

It is easy for your loved one to hurt you with words or actions. But it is important to be kind and forgiving and not keep score. 

If you find your partner firing hurtful words at you constantly and not taking accountability for their action, you need to see a marriage counsellor.

If it is a silly thing, learn to not take things personally and let it go. Communicate clearly with them that you do not like what they are doing and why.

7. Be supportive of each other

A partner who encourages you to do the right things and take the best decisions is one you shouldn't let go. 

An ideal relationship consists of two people who support and motivate each other in achieving their goals. 

It does not mean just using sugar coated words, but appreciation combined with honest feedback. If your partner always discourages you, talk to them about it or seek marriage counseling online.

8. Show that you care

To make your relationship last forever, it is necessary to make your partner feel loved and important.

You can do that by complimenting each other in the tiniest ways.

For example you can compliment them for the way they dress, how they prepare dinner for you, and for putting more efforts into the relationship.

Complimenting is also a way to express your emotions and feelings about them to let them know their place in the relationship.

9. Respect your partners friends and family

You may not be the biggest fan of your partner’s friends or family members, but keep in mind to be respectful of them.

Even if it is somebody they also don’t like, refrain from using spiteful language especially if they tell you not to.

If there is something you do not like about your partner’s friends, let him or her know about it.

10. Keep in mind the tiny details

Be attentive to your partner when they talk about something, especially anything they are passionate about. 

Showing that you make note of the little details is a way to let them know that you care.

You can also make use of these things to present them as gifts on special occasions.

Paying attention to such details will also help you understand about your partner and their interests more.

11. Consult A Marriage Counsellor in Mumbai 

All these tips mentioned above can easily done by yourself and your partner to strengthen your bond. 

If either of you are struggling to take the relationship forward and be nice to each other, it is time to seek marriage counselling online.

There are centres in Mumbai that offer marriage counselling online like Wownow counselling centre that you can approach. They have empathic, friendly, and qualified therapists and counsellors to help you with relationship problems.

  • They provide a save space for you and your partner to speak out your problems and find effective solutions for them.
  • You get to assess your relationship and evaluate your problems from the perspective of a third person.
  • Get unbiased advice and solutions to improve your relationship and lead a happy love life.
  • Your problems are confidential and secured when you opt for marriage counselling online.

Choose the right marriage counsellor in Mumbai for a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your loved one.

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